Product Strategy and Marketing

Studies show that video games, a popular form of interactive entertainment, engages and attracts all age groups.  Interestingly, the demographics of who plays video games is almost gender neutral and touches across all ethnicities. Video games are also the most gifted, most wanted, and frequently inquired items during the holidays.  

Party games like the Just Dance and Mario Party series, are great ice breakers for any social events like corporate parties or personal gatherings with family and friends.  Put it simply, video game turns heads and increases foot traffic to your store.  Just look at all the long lines when a new console is released or when a store is having a Black Friday sale.   

If you're interested in carrying video games for your store or want to learn more about how adding video games to your business will attract new visitors, contact us today.  Our consultants provide industry-leading business intelligence, strategic marketing planning, and brand management solutions to clients working in the electronics, toys, gaming, marketing, and reward sites.