Customer Retention and Membership Incentives

Is your business suffering from low customer retention rate?  Has your subscription base stopped growing? A successful business continually invests in their customer relationships by building loyalty around their company's brand, service, and product. Remember that keeping the paying customers are far more profitable and less costly than acquiring new ones.  

Staying in front and center of your customers is an ever-going challenge.  Today, consumers are wiser and know how to shop for their best options.   

So then, how can your business maintain a strong relationship with your customers and keep them returning?  To start, address your customers on a more personal level.  Depending on your business model and services offered, you can refer to your customers as "fans" "patriots" or "valued members."  Thank your customers for their loyalty by giving them access to exclusive perks, discounts, and benefits for staying and shopping with your company.  A little show of appreciation goes a long way!  

GameQuestDirect offers our channel partners creative ways to incorporate video games into their marketing and customer retention strategy. Video games are popular head turners and played across all demographics (gender, age, region).  Consider offering a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly video game prizes where customers are automatically entered to win.  Sponsoring a free raffle entry is an easy way to excite your members.  You can also have GameQuestDirect blind ship the prizes directly to your customers. 

Don't forget to make your members feel at home.  Include a community forum on your site that's exclusively open to your members.  You can even set up tiers in your membership status for the veteran and/or more active contributors and/or paying customers which gives them another set of benefits. 

Want to promote activity around your brand and product?  Reward points for every purchase and when customers participate on your site such as responding to surveys, answering daily polls, posting comments on your blog, forum, etc.  Be extra generous by giving free points on your member's birthday and each time they redeem their reward!  GameQuestDirect has over 3000 different video game titles that your members can choose from either to enjoy for themselves or to give as gifts.

Don't forget that buyers always appreciate instant savings - so mix up traditional coupons and discounts with minimum dollar spent.  Maintaining a reward program requires constant planning.  Be sure to take advantage of the holidays and special events revolving around your company such as an anniversary, milestones, etc.  These are great days to send emails to your customers.  Take advantage of social media and award members for referrals - especially if you're needing to grow your membership base. 

Lastly, if you're an employer managing an employee reward or benefit program, please contact us and request to speak with one of our product consultants and we'll be happy to review your business needs for potential partnership.  Video games are high priced ticket items making them great gifts especially if bundled with accessories and systems.  Thank your employees for their hard work see how video games can be creatively offered into your incentive programs.