River City: Rival Showdown Riki's Keychain Edition Wins Amazon's Choice on 3DS

Released back in November 2017, Rival Showdown launched with a special Riki's collector's keychain - and this edition is still available to order at Amazon while supplies last.

Fans of the original River City Ransom will absolutely love Rival Showdown! This is not exactly a sequel, but an updated reiteration to the classic NES game.

New and returning players are re-introduced to Kunio, the toughest high school brawler in River City. Kunio and friends are guardians of Nekketsu High School, keeping other rivals and delinquent fighters at bay. So maintaining his turf, reputation, and respect sums up Kunio's world.

The story begins with an unknown ambush where Kunio barely survives the attack. Then Riki, another popular character in the series and a friend of Kunio, learns that his girlfriend went missing. Kunio now sets out to uncover these mysteries while facing off the local thugs, bullies, and gangs in his way.

As Kunio, players explore the locals of River City in a span of 3 in-game days. The in-game clock runs from 3 to 11 PM - let's not forget Kunio is still an aspiring high school student, and can't take care of business until the bell rings!

So your game play options and events change depending on what you decide to do throughout the day. Not all events open up until you complete a set of prerequisites. You'll also be spending a lot of time in action - fighting to gain XP and money. With experience, you'll unlock sharper moves for Kunio and with the cash you beat out of your opponents, you can buy Kunio better gears and items. You'll also have time to eat at a Ramen joint and talk to the locals.

Most players will replay Rival Showdown at least twice since all your stats carry over and once Kunio is powerful enough, the fast paced beat ups get enjoyably addictive. The game also turns up a nice variety of tracks as you explore, battle, and shop.

Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately. If you did not pick up River City Rival Showdown yet, be sure to snatch your copy while supplies last at this price.