Fatal Frame III, Gallop Racer, and More Rare Playstation 2 Games

Video games are meant to be enjoyed, but not everyone buys them to open and play them. Many gamers are also avid hobbyist and prefer to keep their games sealed in pristine condition. Some may spend hours or even days browsing local pawn shops and sites like Craiglist, Ebay and Amazon to add that next classic title to their prized collection. There can be all sorts of analysis and study for the psychology of game collecting; but in the end of the day, this is just another fun hobby (like everything else).


What if you open the game, play through it, and decide to just keep it? Since games are pricey, the option to trade them in for a new experience helps your budget. Is there a strict protocol for game collecting? Well no... unless you're in some kind of elitist militia game cult. There is nothing wrong in having a large collection of open games - especially if they are in mint and complete condition (includes original case, insert, manual, etc.) on fine display. Just note that opened games may not hold the same resell value as a sealed copy.

Which era then did you start game collecting? Was it during the Super Nintendo days, Playstation One era, or do you just collect every limited editions released across all platform? Regardless of your collecting style and preference, we know this hobby gets pretty-darn expensive!

Good news is that Amazon still has a decent selection of new and classic Playstation 2 games under $50. So this post is dedicated to a short list of handpicked PS2 games which the GameQuestDirect staff believe is still somewhat rare. There are many informative sites grading the rarity of every game out there, so take this as a quick starting point. Video game ends up rare for different reasons, but this list is based on the item's condition (brand new), availability, and affordability. Knowing that these titles won't ever be reprinted again due to brand and licensing expiration, you may want to pick them up before the prices go up. Good luck and remember to keep collecting but not hoarding!