Frost Punk PC Ranks #1 at Amazon and the Victorian Edition is Already out of Print


Crescent Marketing Inc. is currently the exclusive distribution vendor to Amazon for Frost Punk Victorian Edition on PC. With a high metacritic score of 87, Frost Punk is an emotional city building game developed by 11 Bit Studios and published by Merge Games. It currently ranks as #1 seller for PC on Amazon and set to release on May 1, 2018.  The physical release of the Victorian Edition includes the New London Frost Punk art book!  This limited launch version is already out of print and will be replaced with the standard edition: Frost Punk O-ring (tentatively scheduled to release on May 15, 2018). 

From the start of the game, you are in a dire situation. You are the leader of New London, the last remaining city on Earth and your duty is to keep your people alive. As a society survival game, your citizens are facing the threat of extinction from the relentless bitter cold. The first thing to do is produce heat and so - to ensure survival, you will manage the city's resources, review and pass laws, construct buildings, and promote expedition and research.

As you build your city, players are constantly faced with tough moral choices. If your resources are scarce, will you use child labor? How will you help or neglect the weak and injured? Will you require your people to work 24 hours? How will you bury the dead? Will you accept outsiders looking for shelter and risk running out of food for your own people? As if balancing the need to survive is hard enough, you also need to watch the hope meter because if the people think of you as a ruthless dictator, they will rebel and even kill you.

So even though the world of Frost Punk is dark and depressing, it is also beautifully engrossing. Players will invest countless hours to help your society thrive by micromanaging down to each worker's contribution. The game is very hands on and demands your upkeep. In return, there is a great sense of victory for every accomplishment. If you enjoy the challenge of survival and want to create a city that you'll actually care about, Frost Punk is definitely a game for you. Pick up your copy at Amazon - our preferred retailer for this title as availability may be limited.